Our Farm Practices

Our Farm started over 20 years ago as a sidewalk garden and over the years has grown to the 11 acre parcel it is now. We began selling high quality produce to our customers in 1997, and have been farming at our location on Meridian Rd  since 1999. The Farm is located "down in the hollow" on the bank of Mud Creek with beautiful views of both mountain ranges and Mt. Lassen. (If you stand on the levee on a clear day you can see Mt. Shasta ).

Ours is a very diverse farm with not only many varieties of vegetables , but also chickens, and goats. We also have a small young fig orchard and a few fruit trees.We've always been an organic farm and certified with C.C.O.F. in since 2002.

In our Organic fertility program we primarily use feather meal, bone meal, and mined sulfate of potash. We also use compost tea to stimulate soil micro-organism growth. Our tilth program emphasizes minimum tillage in our bedrows, and have no-till isles which allows for long term organic growth and greater carbon sequestration.

All of our transplants are grown on site in two low tech, low energy input, highly effecient greenhouses. They are built out of PVC pipe and have. widthstood 80-95 MPH swirling winds!

All of our transplants are placed in the field by hand ( I loath heavy tractors and the compaction they create) or seeded with push seeders. Some crops are grown with plastic mulch and all are irrigated with drip irrigation.

Much care is given to the plants with weeding, mowing,irrigation-all done with Respect and and Love.

Then when our vegetables have grown to the peak of their perfection, they are carefully hand harvested and brought to you at the Farmer's Market or local Natural Food Store or to our C.S.A.