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Great Spring!

Posted 4/24/2011 3:29pm by matthew martin.

What a great spring we are having. I do not remember a spring so mild and consistent for many years. It's been great for the field work that get's done in April. First came prepping and planting summer squash, and spring veggies like Beets, Turnips, Radishes, Arugula, Lettuce, and Spinach. The rain stopped and the soil dried enough to work right on our seasonal average. We were able to seed Squash on April 8th so that means early June Squash. YUM. The Squash is doing well, with excellent germination and is growing very nicely under it's covers.

Then the focus goes to prepping for Slicer Tomatoes, and Cherry Tomatoes. All this time I have many little chores to do, and lot's of tilling with the Tractor. It makes for some very long days, and working seven days a week. Last Sunday I was to exausted to even get out of my jammies, and today I'm taking Easter Sunday off so I don't run myself into the ground. Oh man what a bad pun, sorry. The blessing of the good weather is that I have alot of field prep to do before the soil dries to much. All in all despite the heavy work load of the season I'm in very good spirits.

Maybee optimism is one of the best tools a Farmer has.With all the ups and downs, and being at the mercy of the weather a positive outlook is handy and I'm blessed to have that tool.